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Trusted by the most respected contractors on millions of square feet of projects all over the world.

NIVCOMP Digital Floor Leveling System

The NIVCOMP Digital Level is a precision floor leveling elevation survey device, perfect for slab and sub floor surveys and other height measurements tasks during construction.

Floor Leveling LEVELPEGS®

LEVELPEGS® are used to pour self-leveling compounds and mortar to a specific, accurate depth for floor leveling.

  • Visual Guide to Floor Flatness

    LEVELPEGS® are a proven visual guide method for assuring tight tolerance flat application of self leveling and other flooring mortars. Give yourself the quality edge - 1/8" in 10'? FF 50? It's achievable with the LEVELPEGS® floor leveling system.

  • Dual Measurement Design

    The 64 mm / 2.5 inch LEVELPEG® features measurement indicator marks in millimeters on one one side and inches on the other. Extended length 100mm LEVELPEGS® are also available.

  • Snap-Back Memory Plastic

    Engineered plastic snaps back to upright, accurate position if stepped on. While competitors use cheap plastic, our floor leveling LEVELPEGS® have been proven in real world construction site conditions for over a decade.

  • Engineered Adhesive

    High strength foam peel-off adhesive keeps LEVELPEG® securely adhered to substrates - from rough or smooth concrete to wood to existing floor coverings. Just prep & clean your surface and peel & stick securely.


"I use my NIVCOMP on all leveling jobs. It's also useful for transferring benchmarks, and resolving elevation issues. The NIVCOMP is much quicker to set up than a laser, and you can get elevations immediately."

"After leveling floors for more than 20 years, I can tell you about 2 of the best tools I have added to my toolbox, that have really made my a significant difference in my success. The NIVCOMP level is accurate, easy to use, and the only tool I would recommend to survey a floor on a constrution project, and I have found that LEVELPEGS have the ability to stick to concrete as well as epoxies during the entire process of pouring cement, regardless of how many times you drag the hose over them."