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Drilling holes and snipping straws to ensure a level pour? Get out of the dark ages!


LEVELPEGS are used to pour self-leveling compounds and mortar to a specific, accurate depth. Each LEVELPEG has graduated markings between 6 mm and 64 mm. When used in conjunction with the NIVCOMP, you simply read the proper height on the NIVCOMP then cut the LEVELPEG to match.
To use LEVELPEGS, simply snip each to the desired height as measured using the NIVCOMP or another leveling tool such as a transit or laser. Peel the adhesive backing from the base and press the LEVELPEG onto the substrate. Once placed, the LEVELPEGS become encapsulated as a permanent part of the pour.

How it works

Use LEVELPEGS to form a level “grid” in the pour area. With easy pour materials you can use a grid with LEVELPEGS set 5-10 feet apart. For lower flow materials, use LEVELPEGS every 3-4 feet.

  • Dual measurement indicator marks in inches and millimeters
  • Won’t float away like straws
  • Doesn’t lie down and disappear in the material like straws.
  • Engineered to stay straight up and locked in place during a pour.
  • When used with the NIVCOMP you cut based on the reading. No need to repeatedly get up and down to sight the correct height to cut straws.
  • No holes to drill.
  • Measure dead level floors without sacrificing your knees or back.